Leasing Concrete Formworks for Rondoup Artificial Fish Reefs

Leasing Concrete Formworks for Round Artificial Fish Reefs
The reefs’ unique surface shape produces the similar effects to those of natural reefs.
Product NameRondoup Artificial Fish Reef Type 320
Wall Thickness0.25m
Open Area32.768m3
Full Cubic Capacity6.245m3
Concrete Standard21-12-20N
Amount of Rebar390.3㎏
Formwork Footprint58.44m2
Fishes Swarm around the Reef

Fishes Swarm around the Reef

7 years after installation – Ehime Pref., Japan
  • Sea water stream from openings whirls up within the block, curling up nutrient on the sea bed, for which plankton and fishes swarm around.
  • Spacious walls and bottom help undersea lives stay attached to the reef, which attracts fishes living around the sea bed.
  • Due to its low gravity center, the reef delivers excellent stability while working and after installation.
  • Fewer number of formwork parts makes it easy to put them together, and to dismantle them.
  • The concrete reefs can be casted on site using steel formworks.
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