Portable Filtering Unit for Emergency Supply

Water is a necessity of daily life and it is said that a person needs three liters of drinking water per day.

We provide a filtering unit specially designed to provide drinking water in emergency situations.  Capable of sterilizing water from a number of sources, its filtration system removes odors and organic matter, creating a potable water supply when no other is available.  Various types of filtration units are available for different circumstances.

  • Existing water supplies in the immediate area can be filtered to provide drinking waterPortability expedites unit mobilization to areas of need
  • Special cartridges remove odor and organic matter
  • Our standard sterilization model does not require a power source
  • Manual models and engine-generated models are also available
  • Various options, such as pH Neutralizer, are available
Main expendables for the devices
  • Various types of filters
  • Filtering materials
  • Germicide
  • Residual Chlorine Checker
  • Gasoline, etc.
New Model

  • DA-02〜06
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