Lazy River Pool – Relax and Enjoy Laid-back Time

Lazy River Pool – Relax and Enjoy Laid-back Time
A lazy river pool is one of the most important facilities for amusement/water park operators because its capacity (the number of swimmers per unit area) is much higher than that of any other pool types. Even in high season, therefore, the pool can accommodate and entertain a host of visitors.
The circulator generates a slow current (30 – 35m/min.), just enough to allow visitors gently ride along lying on rafts or rubber boats, as if rafting down quiet stream of a river. Because the pool is generally shallow, it is safer for small kids.
AQUA PRODUCT offers a variety of designs with varying pool width and adding a side stream or waterfall.
AQUA PRODUCT is a leading swimming pool designer/builder in Japan with over 40 years experience and more than 6,000 successful installation records.
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