Filtering equipment for ponds can be divided into two categories ; germicidal purpose for fountains/landscape waterfalls and biological treatment for natural settings.
Aqua Product Corporation can offer a filtration system that will meet your specific needs.
We are a member of the Japan Aquatic Landscape Association.
  • Rapid filtering system (down flow / up-flow filtration) can be matched with the needs of your site.
  • Germicidal methods available: chlorination, ultraviolet, copper or silver ion sterilization, ozone disinfection
Main expendables for the devices
  • Filtering materials
  • Chlorination supply equipment
  • Various electrodes
  • Various pumps
  • Various control equipment
  • EK-005(A)〜150(A)
  • EK-009A〜090A
AQUA PRODUCT is a leading swimming pool designer/builder in Japan with over 40 years experience and more than 6,000 successful installation records.
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